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's got more artistic talent than most of us, meet justin, the painting horse. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> and good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we begin with much of the country bracing for a new one-two punch of blistering heat followed by violent storms after more than two dozen temperature records were toppled yesterday. today the blast furnace will be back on across the east and cooling off will come at a big cost. all part of this summer of extremes. the signs are everywhere from rivers running low to city high-rises running out of water from the cornfields to the kitchen sink. this is taking a toll across america. 80% of the country is unusually dry. this year's drought already the largest natural disaster in u.s. history keeps spreading and heat records keep falling. in chicago, where it hit 101 on tuesday a transformer overheated leaving people in this 29-story building to struggle with no ac or water and only one running elevator. >> we're like 10% elderly. 45% people have little pets. getting like an oven. >> reporter: in burlington, vermont
is unusually dry. this year's drought, already the largest natural disaster in u.s. history, keeps spreading, and heat records keep falling. in chicago, where it hit 101 on tuesday, a transformer overheated leaving people in this 29-story building to struggle with no ac or water and only one running elevator. >> we're like 10% probably elderly. probably 45% of people have little pets. it's getting like an oven. >> reporter: in burlington, vermont, where the heat wave brought a 93-degree day, farmers scrambled to save the crops they could even though the customers stayed away. >> it was so hot, people aren't going out to the market, or they're not thinking about getting vegetables. >> reporter: but what people are thinking about is the price of food down the road as corn withers on the stalk. adding to the worry, many rivers are at their lowest level in years. the mighty mississippi was 23 feet higher in baton rouge this time last year, and the lack of water is posing a threat to crucial shipping routes. >> when you start reducing the capacity of the tow by 50%, you have an extreme effect on
's tahman bradley joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny. good morning, rob. it looks like it will be one for the ages. we are four months from the election. and the new poll shows a dead heat. as the race ramps up in a couple races. the contest is dead-even. president obama and mitt romney are tied among registered voters nationally. but the poll shows troubling news for the president. 63% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. after another slow month for job growth, president obama is renewing his look on taxes, vowing to extend tax cuts for the middle-class. and raising taxes for those that make more than $250,000 a year. >> folks like me, we don't need a tax cut. that will help pay down our deficit. >> reporter: the president is personally calling on his opponent to release his tax returns. saying it's important for him to be an open book. romney says he has nothing to hide. >> all the taxes are paid, as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there's nothing hidden there. >> reporter: the
on different flights back to the u.s. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: it's not what you expect served in flight. a half-dozen sewing needles found in sandwiches on four, separate delta flights this past sunday. a stunning discovery, raising serious questions about the security of food aboard commercial planes. among the people reporting injuries, a doctor and his son, traveling on separate flights. >> had i taken a big swallow and swallowed that down, i'd have a needle inside. that would be very concerning to me. >> reporter: james tonges also says he ate one of the sandwiches. >> i felt the poke on the top of my mouth. when i pulled it out of my mouth, it was very clear. it was about a one-inch-long straight needle. >> reporter: the u.s.-bound flights originated in amsterdam. federal authorities including the fbi are investigating. trying to learn who had access to the food before it came aboard the plane. the catering company have been removed from flights. and a statement, gate gourmet said, we take this matter very seriously. gate gourmet immediately launched a full
appearance, though shocking in the first court appearance last week. >> brandi hitt joins us from centennial, colorado, this morning with all the details. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning. in a few hours, we'll hear the charges filed against james holmes. it comes as the victims of this tragedy deal with even more heartbreak. >> monday july 30th. >> reporter: the prosecution is expected to lay down the hammer on 24-year-old james holmes ten days after colorado's movie theater massacre. at his ararnment -- arraignment, holmes could face hundreds of charges, including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts of attempted murder and charges for the explosives at his apartment. >> i don't care what his motive is. he knew what he was doing. i said, i want to see him. i want to see justice. >> reporter: ashley moser's stepmother says she'll be in the courtroom. not only did ashley lose her 6-year-old daughter in the shooting spree, she was shot several times and suffered a miscarriage. >> it was because of stress. it was because of trauma. it was -- ashley's been through a lot. >
. a family rushed to the hospital, as more states ban such use, recommending the big displays instead, on what could be for some the hottest independence day ever. >>> also breaking overnight, the reason for many of those bans. a new wildfire tearing through the dry brush in the suburbs of los angeles. >>> and a lesson for anyone barbecuing today. a woman ingesting one of those wire bristles. her advice for her. >>> and we're lighten up with some youngsters just playing around. >>> good morning. happy fourth of july. >> yes. we got our patriotic colors on today. we're good. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. ho happy fourth. millions under record heat. many struggling without power, days after the deadly storms in the east. still, though, the celebrating and the fireworks are on today. but this morning, aggressive reminder about leaving all that fun to the pros. >>> fireworks danger on display even before the holiday. the quiet of this new hampshire neighborhood shattered by loud explosions last night when something went horribly wrong with a homeowners annual
at the wall. >> the dnc says it will not use ads with the horse again and it was not meant to offend ann romney. >>> new concerns about airborne terrorism after a disclosure on capitol hill. u.s. citizens on terror watch lists are allowed to learn now fly airplanes even though they're banned from flying commercially. it came to light yesterday at a congressional hearing. anyone receiving a pilot's certificate is screened against criminal and terrorism data bases. that happens regularly. >>> a united airlines flight took off and returned to honolulu not once, but twice. passengers and crew noticed an electrical odor. the pilot returned and had it checked out. it came back after the second takeoff. he went back to honolulu again. passengers had to catch other flights. they lost a little time they couldn't get back. >> not a good news week for the airline industry. >> not at all. >>> time for a look at the weather across the country. more severe storms with gusty winds and downpours from chicago, louisville, and pittsburgh. thunderstorms from the texas gulf coast to florida and up to philly
needles hidden in food. we hear from the passengers in an abc news exclusive. >>> lost in london. u.s. athletes on a bus that got lost for hours. security guards, asleep on the job. can olympic organizers get it together with one week to go? >>> also this morning, what a catch. the heart-stopping moment a 7-year-old little girl plunged from 30 feet up. and the hero who was in the right place at the exact right time. >>> and the presidential pda. pressure to pucker up on camera. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. the fbi has launched a criminal investigation after needles were found in six sandwiches on delta flights. >> two passengers who got the tainted sandwiches, were a father and son, flying on different flights to the u.s. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: it's not what you expect served in flight. a half-dozen sewing needles found in sandwiches on four, separate delta flights this sunday. a stunning discovery, raising questions about security aboard commercial planes. a doctor and a son, trav
spaghetti at the wall. >> the dnc says it will not use the horse in ads again and it was not meant to offend ann romney. you can see robin's interview with her coming up on "good morning america." >>> new concerns about airborne terrorism after a disclosure on capitol hill. that disclosure is this. u.s. citizens on terror watch lists are allowed to learn how to fly airplanes, even though they're banned from flying commercially. it came to light yesterday at a congressional hearing. in response, a top tsa official did remind officials that anyone receiving a pilot's certificate is screened against criminal and terrorism data bases. that happens regularly. >> unbelievable. >>> a united airlines flight took off and returned to honolulu not once, but twice. the plane was heading to los angeles when passengers and crew noticed an electrical odor. the pilot then returns to hawaii and had the plane checked out. when he took off a second time, the odor came on back. he went back to honolulu again. passengers had to catch other flights to los angeles. i can imagine they lost a little bit of time ther
news on the front lines in afghanistan. we're along with u.s. forces, with u.s. forces taking the lead against the taliban. >>> and the lifeguard who was fired after saving someone's life. he has a new message for his former employers. >>> good friday morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. we begin with the number one issue on voters' minds this election year. that's the economy and jobs. a new report out today gives another indication of who is hiring. >> when it comes out, both president obama and mitt romney is ready to make political hay. abc's tahman bradley joins us from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny and rob. as much as the campaign would like to keep the story on mitt romney, the story will be about the economy, with an important economic barometer. president obama will get another taste of main street today, when his bus rolls through ohio and pennsylvania. the president has been on the attack. but that could change at the release of the jobs report. a weak report could put presid
is on assignment. with the july 4th holiday behind us, the presidential campaign is taking on new urgency today. >> the focus will be on the economy, as president obama and two top republicans travel to the midwest. and abc's tahman bradley joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. don't think the campaigns quit working over the holiday. the romney campaign is in full search mode. while the obama campaign prepares for a crucial swing. these are very important moments in the race for the white house, with the election now just four months away. with the holiday festivities over. >> happy fourth of july, everybody. >> reporter: get ready for a new phase of the campaign. today, the race for the white house kicks into high gear, with president obama launching his bus tour of the election. stopping in ohio today and pennsylvania tomorrow. as the president stumps in the crucial battleground states, bobby jindal and tim pawlenty will shadow him everywhere he goes, pushing romney's message. jindal and pawlenty are both viewed as vice presidential candidates. >> it's a tra
with the aftermath of the colorado shooting massacre. most of us got our first glimpse of james holmes during a court appearance yesterday. the longtime friends say they hardly recognize the young man they once new. >> with more on the unfolding legal case, we're joined by brandy in sentinel, colorado today. >> reporter: good morning, he appeared to be locked in his own world. >> given the nature of the charges you're currently being held. >> reporter: by dyed comic book hair, 24-year-old holmes sat silent in a colorado courtroom looking dazed and confused just like his booking photo. >> i sat looking at his face and eventually i had to get past that and see who the killer was. >> reporter: some of the victim's families walked into court hand in hand. it was the first time they could see the man police say opened fire in a movie theater, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. it has some speculatoring he would be drugged. >> reporter: abc's dan abrams said it could help with an insanity plea. >> he could be extremely tired, some defect or he's faking it. >> reporter: as detectives now combed thr
later on "gma." >>> and from the other side of the world, the u.s. is reportedly rushing dozens of unmanned submersibles through the persian gulf. "the l.a. times" says it's part of a military build up, aimed at preventing iran from closing the strait of hormuz. those submersibles can detect and destroy mines. they were requested in may by the top u.s. commander in that region. >>> two major developments in a hazing scandal at florida a&m university. the university president has now abruptly resigned. his resignation comes on the same day at the parents of an apparent hazing victim sued the school. robert champion died after being beaten by band members. and his parents say the university did not do enough to stop the hazing. >>> it is time for the weather from across the nation. one major trouble spot today stretches from texas to the carolinas and south into florida. expect drenching rain, flooding and of course, a whole lot of humidity. severe storms over the dakotas. but we're lucky out here in the northeast, with sunny and dry conditions, for now, though. >> for now. swelte
. >> reporter: good morning. we're in front of the arapahoe county courthouse, where the suspect is behind us in solitary confinement. later, he's going to be taken by an underground tunnel to the county courthouse. that happens later this morning. james holmes won't be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file the actual charges. at least 71 of them, one for each victim, and probably more. 12 people died. and several others were hospitalized in critical condition when the gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater showing the latest batman movie, "the dark knight rises." in the months between the arraignment and the eventual trial, holmes could face a competency evaluation. for the first time, we're seeing and hearing the suspect in exclusive video obtained by abc news. it's holmes, just after his high school graduation making a presentation at science camp. >> i came here tonight. people like to have a superpower. i might let them have more fun. >> reporter: we're told the suspect is not cooperating and is in solitary confinement. last night, the people of aurora heard first fro
and consumers had better get used to tougher growing conditions and higher prices. >> the new normal for agriculture is going to be frequent episodes of very high temperatures. temperatures at which pretty much any crop doesn't go well. >> reporter: food prices are expected to rise. jim avila, abc news. >>> four window washers got stranded outside the 35th floor of a hotel in las vegas when their platform stalled. firefighters had to lower them to safety one by one. the rescue took three hours. the temperatures shot up to a scorching 104 degrees. >> one industry i don't think i will ever delve into. >> brave souls hanging off those buildings. >>> time for a look at the weather across the country. hot and humid in the northeast. and also some violent evening storms possible. tornadoes could threaten new york, pittsburgh, and cleveland. storms could hit boston, d.c., and the midwest. showers along the gulf coast and thunderstorms in the rockies. >> 106 in phoenix, 90s from boise to albuquerque. 80s from minneapolis to new york. i think it will be a news alert when it gets below triple
from overseas. iran is saying that hezbollah as not behind the deadly long-haire u.s. intelligence officials fact the suici believe this long-haired man was ing inmber and he was operating in a hezbollah cell. the blast killed the bomber and inge israelis. teninge being buried today in their homeland. d>> more frightening moments on gency landing in peoria,n airlines says the smoke ome fromced an emergency landing en illinois last night did not ame from the plane. h toame from a nearby house fire. r brokerush to evacuate, one looknger broke her ankle. country. for a look at weather from across the country on this cooler with so riday. iswill be cooler with heavy torms from thennecticut. evere storms from the mid-atlantic through nashville. thundersto thunderstorms in the rockies and some rain fr sme rain from seattle to on the montana. and the seattle. mostly 80s in the nation's o dsection as well as the is t southeast. in just want to stay inside and comingep this weekend. not too concerned about the eather. >>> coming up after the break, big box stores getting smaller. target t
security on this morning before we mark the nation's birthday. >> intelligence officials tell us that no specific threat has been identified ahead of the july 4th holiday. but they say there's continuing concern about plots involving al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. that means anyone attending a big independence day celebration is likely to see stepped-up security, particularly in new york, philadelphia and washington. >>> also this morning, iran's powerful revolutionary guard is conducting major military exercises. it launched several missiles this morning, including long-range ones, capable of hitting u.s. ships in the persian gulf. these war games coincide with the start of an oil embargo by the european union. the u.s. is quietly increasing its forces in the region. >>> july fourth plans may be going down the drain for many, as widespread power outages and stifling heat plague the mid-atlantic and midwest. the extreme heat is now blamed for eight deaths in maryland. and the number of people killed in those violent weekend storms has climbed to 22. abc's tahman bradley has the l
be used in the case. the judge will make a decision whether he is mentally ill next month. tahman bradley, abc news. >>> in an illinois courtroom today, opening statements begin in the trial of drew peterson, the former suburban chicago cop accused of killing his third wife. kathleen savio's death was ruled accidental in 2004. but he was charged with murdered when his fourth wife mysteriously vanished. >>> overseas now, where thousands of syrians, many of them severely wounded are fleeing the worsening violence in their country. the u.n. has said about 200,000 syrians have left the country over the past 10 days with many ending up in refugee camps like this one. abc's alexander marquardt has made the difficult and dangerous journey into northern syria, showing what it's like in one town under siege. >> reporter: the devastation in this town is absolutely staggering. there's hardly a building that hasn't been damaged in some fashion. and it's essentially a ghost town. everyone has fled. and we're told that there's villages and towns across the region. >> alex says he's seen similar scenes
of 2012 is now the largest natural disaster in u.s. history. the agriculture department has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties in 26 states. that's more than half the country. the declaration now clears the way for affected farmers to get some federal aid. we all knew it was bad. but certainly, now, we know just how bad it is. >>> also this morning, surging floodwaters are a huge problem in the state of texas, where about 20 children attending a houston-area sports day camp got trapped inside of a building. the water level rose to at least waist-high before three boats came along to rescue those stranded kids, their instructors and parents, as well. >>> it is time, now, for the weather across the country. you can expect severe storms over the great lakes and the dakotas. some heavy hammering by hail and gusting wind. weather in most of the nation's eastern half. heavy downpours along the gulf coast. and rain showers in the midwest, heavy at times with possible flooding and mudslides. >> sizzling summer temps in the high 90s around boise and billings. 103 in p
, a transatlantic trip delayed when a plane forced back here to the u.s. >>> cities in crisis. the growing ranks of towns that can't pay their bills. victims of the recession. another major city voting for bankruptcy overnight. >>> fight of his life. a teenager versus a hungry gator. he explains his life-or-death decision. >>> and cookie monster gone viral. ♪ this is crazy but you got cookie ♪ ♪ so share it, maybe >> giving a unique twist to one of the summer's hit songs. >>> good wednesday morning. i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we know you'll stay tuned for that cookie monster story in a minute. as of now, we begin with two major in-flight scares overnight. an american airlines jet traveling from aruba to miami, was hit by 15 seconds of very severe turbulence shortly before landing. passengers describe those few terrifying seconds. >> i never felt it -- something like that in the past. basically, with the noise and the bumps, you just think you're going down. >> we were going to die. thought we were going to die. thought we were going to die. it was scary. it
republicans charged huma abedin for using her position to promote the cause of the muslim brotherhood. she's a constant presence at the secretary's side. she's also the wife of former congressman anthony weiner. in her letter to top intelligence and security officials, bachmann wrote that abedin has three family members connected to muslim brotherhood operatives and or organization. her position affords her routine access to the secretary and to policymaking. secretary clinton met with him last week in cairo. bachmann said that her letter has been taken out of context. she hasn't backed down from her charges. john boehner. >> i think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous. >> john mccain. >> these sinister accusations rest solely on unsubstantiate associates of members of huma's family. >> reporter: the controversy comes as weiner is trying to make an attempt to clean up their image. they're featured in this week's "people" magazine. >> thanks, karen, for that report. >>> thousands of frightened syrians are now pouring across the border as violence in their country
. >> why is he doing this? because his policies failed us. >> reporter: mitt romney's tax returns have become an issue for the obama team, now some republicans said romney should replease more than he has. >> tahman bradley, thank you. >>> athletes are moving into olympic village and worried about security flaws. at he throw airport, a british newspaper said several people on a terror watch were waived through the security. >>> plenty of questions and not a lot of answers this morning about an american pastor kidnapped in egypt. reverend louis is a diabetic. and doesn't have his medication. they're trying to negotiate everyone's release. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will discuss the political upeval in egypt and nuclear crisis with israel officials. she will sit down with the palestinian prime minister as well. >>> and mrs. clinton's husband and daughter are in south africa as part of a six-day tour of african countries. former president clinton is trying to gather more support for a charity he founded. he's expected to meet with south african president mandela tomorrow. >>>
holmes was staring at the wall. his eyebrows twitching. even used evidence bags as hand puppets. holmes will be charged monday. tahman bradley, abc news. >> and gun sales in colorado are surging in the wake of the deadly rampage. in three days, the bureau of investigation gave the okay on background checks on 3,000 people who want to buy guns. a 43% jump from the weekend before. >>> and one final note. dc comics is delaying the cammic that was supposed to be today. because of what may be content that's perceived as insensitive. >>> turning to other news, tensions boiled over in anaheim where police and protesters squared off. demonstrators took to the streets for the fourth night following two deadly police shootings last weekend including a killing of an unarmed man. fires were set, fights broke out and rocks and bottles tossed. >>> a dramatic police foot chase ended with a deadly plunge in niagara falls. a man was running from a cop where he jumped into the niagara gorge, the officer then jumped in after him. the suspect died. the officer was lifted to safety suffering a broken leg. >
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 66 (some duplicates have been removed)